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People looking forward to vision correction without having to wear glasses opt for contact lens. Here are some common types of contact lenses that you will hear about:

Soft Lens

Most people choose to pick a soft lens because they are very comfortable to wear. The soft lens can further be available in type. Most daily wear contacts are disposable, but some may be worn through the day but removed at night. Extended lenses can be worn in the night also but need to be removed for weekly cleaning. Toric contacts are ones for people that need to correct their vision. When vision-correcting lens come in colors they are known as colored contacts and decorative contacts are ones that are worn just to change the color of the eyes.

Hard Lens or RGP Lens (Rigid Gas Permeable)

These pair of lenses hard and hold their shape. They help in correcting the vision of the eyes. They are made of highly oxygen permeable materials and have a smaller diameter than the soft lens. These lenses are also referred to as GP lens and people usually take time to adjust to this type of lens. However, once they get used to them, RGP lenses are equally comfortable as soft lenses. You can use the Eyewa promo code to avail discount on your choice of lens purchased from their website.

Silicone Hydrogel Lens

This type of lenses is made from the latest technology as they are made from materials that permit oxygen to pass through the material of lens and reach the eye surface. People usually look forward to purchasing this type of lenses.

When Should You Replace Your Lens

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Deposits and contamination build-up on the lens can make your eyes susceptible to eye infections. Therefore you must follow the classification rule and discard them as instructed:

  • Daily disposable lens — This type of lens is just one-time wear and must be thrown away after using them for a single day.
  • Disposable lens — Disposable lens has a little more life and can be used for about a couple of weeks.
  • Frequent replacement lens — This type of lens can be used for up to a month or more. You must consult with your optician to understand its usage period. A frequent replacement lens does not have a life of more than 3 months.
  • Traditional or reusable lens — Traditional lens can be worn for more than six months.

The gas permeable lenses are usually resilient to contamination and have a longer life than the soft lens. They will last you more than a year before you go in for a replacement.

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