A rug is an investment and you ought to get it right because it will definitely impact the way things look in your room. Don’t hold yourself from embracing your creativity. Let things you like inspire you from the memories that you cherish. Mix pretty colors and think out-of-the-box designs. Don’t hesitate to pick the best one for you can instantly slash down the price of the rug using the HomeCentre promo code available on our website. Here are some ideas that will help you pick a stylish rug for your rooms.

1. Room to Place the Rug

Different areas require different rugs. For instance, kitchen and hallways have more foot fall compared to a living room and bedroom. Therefore you must pick an easy to clean and durable rug for such places. You can go for light colors for bedroom or living room but always pick darker colored rugs for kitchen and hallways.

2. One or Many

If you have a big room, then you can always make use of multiple rugs to define areas. A single large rug will benefit a small living room or any small space that is enclosed by doorways and walls. You can use more than one rug for spaces that are big and more open such as a loft. Rugs in such large spaces can help distinguish a set of furniture or probably a space – say a dining area from the sitting. The HomeCentre promo code will help in getting you more than one rug at discounted prices, you can get the code from our site.

3.  Material

Rugs come in different materials. Each of them gives a different look and feel. You will find rugs in materials like nylon, natural fibers such as wool or silk and plat based fibers such as jute or cotton and more. Linen and cotton rugs have a shorter life compared to allo and sisal rugs. Wool is popularly used for making rugs. Even though they are expensive, they can last very long. Also, wool is stain resistant and most stains will come out easily. The type of material you pick you’re your home will also depend on the climate of the area using HomeCentre promo code.

4. Shape

Although standard rugs are usually rectangular in shape, you are not bound to have the same shape for your space. You can place a circular rug in front or beneath a single high chair. The similar can be done for a dining space that is round in shape.

5. Rug Pad

If rugs define the beauty of your room, then rug pads make them safe. A rug pad has multiple benefits:

  • It prevents accidental falls as they prevent the rug from sliding
  • It prevents your floor from getting scratched especially when there is furniture over the rugs
  • It gives an additional layer of comfort to the rug
  • It acts like a foundation and adds to the life of your rug

Pick your favorite rug and get it for a discounted price by using the HomeCentre promo code from our website.