Cleaning the house is a task and despite our efforts, we tend to think – it could be cleaner. With the right supplies and our tips, you will be able to clean your house cleaner! Whilst you can get your supplies on discount by using the Noon coupon code that is available on our website you can find some great ideas to clean the house right below.

1. Use the Dryer to Dust

Curtains, drapes, pillows, blankets, slipcovers and other household textiles don’t just attract dust as they absorb dirt and moisture from outside, air vents and fans. Machine washable items can be washed and cleaned. The items that cannot be machine washed can be put in the dryer in air fluff mode along with a damp towel for 20 minutes. All your items will come out clean. Just use Noon coupon code before you pay on checkout page.

2. Apply Fillers in the Countertops

Papers, crumbs, etc. usually fall through the gap between the countertop and the cupboard or any item that is placed beside it. Use a clear plastic tubing to fill this gap. You can easily buy one from the market. This will keep the gap clean and you don’t have to worry about sweeping out months old crumbs from the gaps and use Noon coupon code.

3. Bleach Pen Easily Cleans Grout

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Use a bleach pen to draw lines between the tiles over the grout wait for 10 minutes and wash. You can also use a toothbrush to rub over the bleach application after 10 minutes; the effects would be better. You can buy a bleach pen and other house cleaning supplies using the Noon coupon code available on our website to get everything at a discount.

4. Don’t Spread the Dust Instead Capture it

Dry rags or other dusters do clean the area and pick up some dust, but this dust quickly settles on other items. Damp rags work better as they capture the dust. Some oil or wax also helps the cloth to pick up the dust, but this won’t work as well on the furniture. Microfiber products are perfect tools to attract and hold dust as they come with an electrostatic charge. Feather dusters and dry rags will leave the dust and spread it too, but microfiber cloth captures the dust. You must purchase machine-washable microfiber products as it will save you money.

5. Place Shoe Rack at Your Entrance using Noon Coupon Code

The soles of your shoes carry more dust and bacteria that you can imagine from streets, restrooms, etc. using Noon code. A study showed that if the outdoor shoes were opened at the entrance and a pair of home slippers were worn before coming in, it reduced 60% of dust in a home. So, place a shoe rack outside your home and offer home slippers to all who come in.

You can buy the best type of home cleaning supplies by using the Noon coupon code, which is listed on our website and get an attractive discount on your entire bill.